Tiger attack . . .

December 25, three young men, slightly intoxicated enter the San Francisco Zoo. They make their way to the tiger cage to “heroically” challenge a caged tiger.

Legs dangling over the fence, they throw ice and yell expletives at the tiger. One stands on the fence and beats his chest like Tarzan. He pulls a sling shot from his jacket and fires ice and bb’s at the tiger.

Tatiana, the tiger, is pacing back and forth, back and forth. Already crazed from years of captivity she hates being looked at and hates being pelleted and hates the taunts, noise and harassment.

For almost 20 minutes this crap goes on in the dark. A piece of ice hits her in the ear. She vaults into the trench and leaps to the edge. Both front paws grab the earth and pulling herself up and out, she see’s her attackers backing up. She senses the fear, senses the panic. One leap and she is on top of the fence climber. Another of the harassers tries to distract her and she slaps him with a sharp clawed paw causing him to retreat bleeding badly. As she continues to kill her attacker, the other two flee.

Finished with one she tracks the others. It doesn’t take long. Both of the leg danglers and tormentors are hiding behind a table. She hits one and he goes down. She grabs the other and claws his head and back. Then somewhat mollified, she sits down next to her second attacker. He is sitting up. He is bleeding. He is not teasing her now.

She sees people approaching and goes on alert. The attacker next to her speaks out, “Help me” and she grabs his head with her front paws and claws.

She hears lots of noise and see lights. She moves away and as she clears the boys who attacked her she hears a loud noise and the lights fade. She is dead.

Fast forward . . .
Lawyer and ambulance chaser, Jon Doe (no publicity for him here) represents the survivors. Why the lawyer if they did not misbehave? Well, it seems these young men have experience with the legal system and that is why they lawyered up. A civil suit? Jon Doe is a criminal lawyer. Why hire a criminal defense attorney for a civil suit? Why? Because there is more guilt here than the tiger had stripes.

Sadly, the Zoo will be blamed (and they do share responsibility) as will the tiger. The tiger was just doing what tigers do. She should get no blame. The blame, as normal, rests entirely on humans.

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