What’s in a name

John Frueh, a special forces weather commando (what the hell is a special forces weather commando?) website says, “Every night, as millions of Americans sleep peacefully under the blanket of freedom,” Air Force Special Operations commandos work “in deep dark places, far away from home, risking their lives to keep that blanket safe.

“U.S. Air Force Special Forces : Pararescue (what the hell is pararescue special forces?) a book about these guys.

GEN. CONWAY: (apparently a Marine General) Yes. You may not know this, but after the first MARSOC came home, we very quickly put another one in there, and we have had MARSOC in Afghanistan now … But because they’re Special Forces (General, there are no Marine Special Forces!), I won’t say much, except that they’re having huge success in conjunction with the Army teams that they operate with and the other coalition force nations whose sectors they serve in.

Special Forces, when used to describe capability, individuals, units or organizations, refers to a very select set of US Army Soldiers. The purpose here is to preserve, undiluted, the history, honor and reputation of those who earned, will earn, and wear the Green Beret. None of the men or units listed here have done that and therefore their claim to be Special Forces is either an ignorant error or an intentional masquerade. – from Veterans of Special Forces dot org. Check them out along with the POW Network for frauds.

I was a Special Forces soldier. My friends were Special Forces soldiers. I don’t appreciate being confused with some weather commando, some rescue guy or a Marine (nothing personal marine) as they are NOT SPECIAL FORCES. They may be special. They may be in special operations as direct action, rescue or heaven forbid a weather man but they are NOT SPECIAL FORCES. They do not and did not wear a green beret given to them by the President of the United States. Barry Sadler did not sing of them. John Wayne did not play one in a movie (ok, he did play a Marine). They can’t trace their heritage from Merrill’s Maurader’s and the OSS of WWII.

And for you phonies and wannabees out there – you will be caught in your lies. You are too easy to pick out in the crowd. Your day of shame will come. You know who you are not.

Once more for the gipper . . . “Special Forces, when used to describe capability, individuals, units or organizations, refers to a very select set of US Army Soldiers.”

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