Uses for the big bus

How many of you just use your camper for camping? I think the lucky among us who don’t have to winterize and can use their vehicle year round end up using it for a multitude of projects.

Since mine is my only transportation, it is my “daily drive.” We use it as our emergency shelter – always stocked and ready to go. I use it for carrying supplies from the nursery or Home Depot. The length and rear doors make it great for hauling lumber. I have used it to haul a Christmas tree and for several trips to the dump (it was upset about going to the dump).

For those fortunate enough to live near a major sports team (for us, Giants, A’s, 49ers, Raiders) we now have the perfect tail-gate vehicle! Common April!

I think a Class B is more versatile than a C or an A. Of course we can’t do the laundry in ours but I think we can live with that.

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