It should be more than drive, sleep, drive, sleep

I know the tendency is to see how far you can Debbie and Keith in Jackson, Wyoming.go when you’ve got a few free days. But really the miles you cover make up the whole picture so have fun all along the way. Yes, we occasionally have a long day, usually at the beginning of the trip or at the end but we try never to miss cocktail time.

We like to cover 250-350 miles per day giving us lots of time to stop along the way but still getting us into camp early enough that we’ve got the awning out are all settled to watch the “big boys” roll in.

Several times we were disappointed with a place initially but after exploring we Debbie west of Yellowstone.found out it was great. Debbie is better than I am about pulling over and when we do, if there are people about often they add the local flavor that really make the stop worth while.

We usually take time every evening to send postcards from where we are to those left behind. That’s a lot of fun also.

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