Sound 5 is back

Sometime ago I replaced the Becker Sound 5 radio with a Sony. The Sony had blue tooth and I had used one before so I thought it would be ok. Technically it was. The Sony did just as it should but visually it was not good.

The Becker radio is much larger when it comes to the buttons and dials. It is a much better fit for the dash board area of the Sprinter – guess that’s what happens when you are designed in from the get-go. The Sony was lost. You could hardly see the buttons.

At the same time I reinstalled the Sound 5, I added an auxiliary option so I could play the Zune and I added Blue Tooth functionality with a Parrot 3100. It all looks much better and functions perfectly.

Pictures and the write up on how to install the auxiliary line and Parrot 3100 are here and here. The instructions with pictures are detailed and correct. If you don’t check The Sprinter Source dot com from time to time, you should.

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