The horn

It always amazes me when an 8,000 pound vehicle has a horn that sounds like a baby road-runner. I mean it is down-right embarrassing when someone cuts you off and you can’t even express your displeasure with a polite tap on the horn, afraid they’ll drive off the road laughing.

I installed Hella Supertones a couple of weeks ago and while they were better, they still weren’t what I was looking for. So, I got on the web, went to the SMB (Sportsmobile) forum and checked out what some of them use – good idea!Bad Boy horn

I decided I did not want to sound like a train, or try to mount shiney chrome trumpets so I settled for a “Bad Boy.” This is a small, 118 decibels air horn that uses the 2 wires on your Sprinter and easily attaches inside the engine compartment where the oem horn is located.

It is available several places on line and here you can hear a resonably good rendition of what this horn and others sound like.

Yes, I was tempted to get a “Dukes of Hazard” horn and I do have the site bookmarked just in case I get cut-off again with no respect.

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