Rebadging completed

The busThe morphing of the Dodge Sprinter into a Mercedes Sprinter is completed.

The new grille is covered by my bug screen which I am making sure it works ok before the trip to Alaska – it does!

I notice now with the Mercedes badging, I get much better MPG and my top speed is 180mph . . .

Why re-badge? Hmmm, no one seems to be able to give a good answer to that so for me, just my super-inflated, over-active ego is the justification.

On the roof you can see the Thule wind deflector I mounted to the solar panels. Gives them a less industrial look and who knows? It may actually lesson the wind drag.

All I have left to do is to add Jack’s antenna ball to the antenna!

PS. Watch the height in the woods. I have scrapped several times on tree limbs and branches. No damage that can’t be rubbed out but the potential is there – if you see low branches, slow down!

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