Mounting the Scan Gauge

Scan Gauge III



Scan Gauge’s have been mounted in many places but for me, this was the best place to read it in most cases. I did use the Velcro that came with it which so far has worked fine.




To connect it to the OBD and still be able to close the fuse box door, you need to remove the OBD and let it hang loose. You can see one of the screw holes where the OBD was fastened down.


Side view



This view from the side shows where the cable comes out of the pillar. Removing the pillar is easy. It is held by three or four snaps. There is a tab at the bottom that to disengage it you need to pop the speaker cover off.

Once the pillar is out cut a small opening for the Scan Gauge cable along the bottom edge. Run the cable up from the OBD connector. Put the pillar back with the cable in place and snap the pillar into place. The rubber molding on the door side of the pillar must be over the pillar edge. To do this, I ran my finger down the inside edge of the molding.

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