Changing the fuel filter, part 1

Click on the image for a larger photo. Changing the fuel filter in an 07+ Sprinter has been confusing to most. The owners manual says every 10k, others say 20k and others say don’t do anything until the water/fuel light comes on.I decided I would stick to the OM’s recommendations.
I have removed the air cleaner top to make it easier to see. You don’t have to do this unless you want to clean out the filter.
The red circle shows where the release is. You start by disconnecting the intake hose for the air which is located in the lower right corner of the picture above. It disconnects at two locations, where it comes in from the grill and at the lower right of the air cleaner assembly.Next you disconnect the battery jumper by pushing on the release and pulling it up.
Click for larger photo. On the left, loosen the hose clamp to remove the upper air hose. Slide the two electrical sensors apart and undue the attachment (shown) to the air filter compartment.
Air filter removed so you can see it more clearly. Pull up on the two front arms to disconnect them and then pull the assembly forward. In the rear it has two plastic forks that go over rubber spacers and it just slides off.
Almost there! This last cover is held by torx snaps and also slides in the rear much like the air filter assembly did. Just loosen and slide out.
There it is! And there it is!See part 2, the next entry.
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