The ultimate winter camping

If you’ve never been in the middle of 1,000 or more howling huskies surrounded by at least twice as many pople, some of whom flagrantly disobey the rules about interfering you haven’t lived. That most of the teams get through this mad house relatively unscathed and untangled is a tribute to the mushers who trained them. – MotorHome Magazine, March 2009

How about spending March 7, in Willow, Alaska? Other than distance for most of us not too bad of an idea. The highways running north are all-weather so are kept open year round. You’d get a chance to use one of Alaska’s -40° outhouses and let’s face it  . . . not too many tourists this time of year.

The race starts in Anchorage for the city crowds and foo-foos then restarts in Willow where the snow is better and the crowds are fewer. Complete, up-to-date information can be found at the official web site,

The description of the northern-most tail gate party (is it?) sounds like the parties we used to have in the lower 48. Grills, lots of “snow-snake” medicine make for a crazy afternoon. That night, if clear, will bring the Northern Lights which by-themselves are reason enough to head north.

I think I will add this to our “bucket list” but will have to be content for awhile to follow this on TV and the Internet.

Need a good book about mushing and “The Last Greatest Race on Earth?” Look for Sled Dog Trails by Mary Shields and Race Across Alaskaby Libby Riddles.

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