Not a job I would wish on anyone

We have 2 solar panels on top mounted The two outside bolts are the ones I needed to use.side by side. I didn’t like the “commercial” look so long ago I mounted a Thule fairing in front of them to both hide them and maybe cut the drag. The fairing was held on by some jury rigged plastic hooks and although it did survive all of last year, I wanted to do a better job.

If you have solar panels added they will likely be on roof rails. Make sure to leave 4″ or so of rail unused in the front and90 minutes and one bolt removed! then you can easily mount a Thule cross bar and a fairing. My panels were mounted flush to the front of the rail so I had to do it the difficult way.

I had a Thule bar left over from a ski rack on a Suzuki so I mounted it with L-brackets to the piece of aluminum that joins the two panels in the front. Sounds easy. Just back out the outside bolts and rebolt them holding the L-brackets which are mounted to the cross bar. I figured a couple of hours and it took about five (the story of my life).

Finally finished and ready to mount the fairing.The impossible part was first getting the bolts loose and then trying to get them tight again. The bolts went into an aluminum L bracket which was about 3″ above the roof. You could not see the nut. You could only get about 2 fingers up and around the L. It was too far of a stretch to use both hands and oh, did I mention, you are on a ladder 10′  in the air with one foot on the ladder and the other on the window jamb in the door. Oh yeah, it is also about 90 degrees with happy little bast*#d birds singing and being so Walt Disney.

I did finally get it done. I have 3rd degree burns on my face from the reflection of my brilliant silver metallic paint. My hand feels like it is permanently cramped in a shape that will get me a starring role in “The Claw.”  I never want to see my 7/16 socket again. But, on the bright side, I have discovered a new torture technique much worse that waterboarding and I have good, no fly off in a wind, mounting for the fairing.

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