Moving the spare (again)

Ready for the spare.As some of you know, I tried an Aluminess swing away spare tire carrier and while it worked perfectly, I did not like the way it looked. I took it off and put the spare back underneath.

This time I used a door mounted carrier from The Sprinter Store. I talked to them a couple of times before ordering about how it worked and had they had any problems with it – they were glad to speak to me and the answers I received reassured me that this carrier would work. I do travel on dirt roads No need for an extension cord. I can run the drill right from the Sprinter!and other places some would not take a camper like the Sprinter.

The carrier came with all the necessary bolts, nuts, etc. and easy to follow instructions. One of the instructions was to level the carrier before drilling holes. I did that and it is not quite square with the door so if I were to do it again, I would make it square. It doesn’t really matter as once the tire is mounted you can’t see any of the rack.

Didn’t take long to do at all. I had to have my neighbor help me lift the tire to The first drilled it on the carrier – the spare weighs about 120 pounds.

I have never been bothered about drilling holes into my vehicles. If you do make a mistake or change your mind it is pretty easy to fix.

Now I have the entire tire storage area underneath the Sprinter available to use as a basement. My initial idea is to mount a large plate with raised sides ( _______/) on the spare tire rack and store a pelican case with items like chains, tow rope, etc. I might even store a couple of 2 gallon diesel cans there. Total weight can’t be over about 120 pounds so I need to find someone to fabricate a light weight plate.

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2 Responses to Moving the spare (again)

  1. Brian T says:

    Hi Keith

    I’ve enjoyed watching your Sprinter progress. We have a 2007 Roadtrek Adventurous RS, the long one, 2500. Bought it as a complete unit and have only done a couple small mods but giving very serious thought to visiting Upscale for a sway bar and Koni shocks.

    Will get one more season out of the Continentals, I hope, and then Michelins, probably going the oversize route.

    Are you still happy with your rear door tire mount, I’ve been wondering about the additional weight on the hinges. But if everything is snug and no movement the weight shouldn’t be an issue.

    Do you have a final design for your basement, ex spare location ? I’ve been looking for a spot for dirty stuff and possibly some fuel storage. I have done a fair bit of sheet metal work in aircraft so would lean towards an aluminum container that would slip into the cage.

    We managed to get in a 23,000 km trip to Newfoundland and various other spots and a short 2,000 km run down to Montana. It’s put to bed for the winter now but plan to go south in February for a bit then back to the Yukon and Alaska for the summer.

    We live in Kamloops BC, northern portion of the Okanagan.

    Brian T

  2. Keith says:

    Hi Brian,
    Yep, very happy with the rear door mount. No issues at all. I do think I will pull the liner off the door and re-torque the bolts sometime soon,

    My welder is using that extruded metal . . . I don’t know really what it is . . . I see some trailers using it . . . lots of holes so it is not too heavy. I am hoping it will be ready this week and I will get some pictures up.

    We didn’t use sheet metal or make a solid box as I am sure it will pick up a lot of dirt/water/ ice. WIth your experience though, you could probably come up with something that would drain easily.

    You live in a great place but a long way from Newfoundland! We have to get there but will have to wait until we can take off for a couple of months. We still have a lose plan to head to Inuvik next summer and then fly into Tuk for a day.


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