Camping in Yosemite, 2003

We took the only reservations we could Half Dome from Curry Village.get which put us in Lower Meadows Campground. A strange place – no water close by, very spartan yet, walk 300′ and you can get a breakfast buffet, pizza and cocktails. Great views from our camp though of Half Dome. Lots of people everywhere. Gucci climbers amidst a few real climbers.

Note the two leveling blocks under the front tire. When you make reservations it Our hard to know what you are getting unless you have been there.

We had the traditional cocktails at 5:00pm and overheard from the camp next to us, “Now they know how to camp.”

We also had marshmallows by the fire – we finally remembered to bring them! We saw more EVC’s here in 2 days than we have seen in years. Colorado, Oregon, Nevada, California – seems as though people with EVC’s like to come to Yosemite!

 Keith, right after his solo, one-handed ascent of Half Dome.  View from the meadow.
 More scenery.  Debbie updating our trip logbook.
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3 Responses to Camping in Yosemite, 2003

  1. Rick L says:

    Nice pictures, Keith. How does one secure a camper van against bears? I’ve done quite a bit of camping and am used to using food lockers and such. My concern would be that a sharp nosed bruin would try to break into the van. Does keeping things clean and keeping the windows closed greatly reduce the risk?

    My wife and I are talking about a future purchase of a Sportsmobile Sprinter conversion and so this is just one of many related things we’ve discusssed.

    Rick L

  2. Keith says:

    One of the reasons we moved up from a Eurovan to a Sprinter was the security. The Eurovan is more like camping in a tent.

    But in a Sprinter, we don’t leave food out and in sight (it would be hard for a bear to see in any windows except up front. Food in cabinets and the refrigerator are ok. We do carry coolers mostly with ice, drinks and one with camping gear but we put those in food lockers.

    The normal, clean camp, closed windows when gone, food lockers, no garbage. I have not heard of a bear breaking into an RV (trailer, moterhome or van) but it most likely has happened. Cars are the usual with windows the bear can see in and food or coolers left in sight.

    We saw a lot of bears in Alaska but never saw one in a campground. Here in California, camping in bear country we have not seen one either but I feel pretty secure in the Sprinter. I worry most while hiking.

  3. Rick L says:


    Thanks for the info!


    Rick L

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