Wiring the Espar D2

You just don’t plug in the Espar. It comes with a lot of wire and looms and little metal connectors for you to do your-self. The on/off control, the altitude compensator and the fuel pump all have to have multiple wires and none are just plug and heat. Only the main connection to the heater just plugs in – thank you very much and turn on the heat.

I have been a little intimidated by 4 or 5 pages of instructions in 5 different languages complete with electrical diagrams that look like hieroglyphics. But – and I saw that with hope in my voice, I shall “get ‘er done.” This week. Next week we are heading to the northern coast of California and if I don’t have a working heater my wife will be very . . . upset (ahem) – not to mention the dog who starts to shiver when you say the word “cold.”

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