Yemen on brink of civil war as clashes spread

The question is how long before we or NATO start bombing Yemen?

Stretched thin by two wars, the U.S. military is spending upward of $1 billionprotestersinyemen in an international assault to destroy Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi’s air defenses and save rebels from likely defeat, according to analysts and a rough calculation of the military operation so far. — DONNA CASSATA, Associated Press

And what about Syria? Aren’t people dying there also? The sad truth about that is that Assad (Syria) in in a totally different club than Gadhafi (Libya), Saleh (Yemen) or even Mubarak (Egypt). You see all of the latter were allies of the United States. I’m thinking Assad is glad he wasn’t a good friend of the U.S.

And it must make Israel feel just a little on the outside.

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