Want to grill but short on time?

This looks good to me. There have been times when I pulled over for the night and would have liked to get the grill out but it was just too much of a hassle. And this will be another great item to add to our survival gear.

The flamedisk is the convenient outdoor grilling solution for a number of reasons. The flamedisk is a charcoal alternative and is convenient to transport and store, making it great for tailgating, camping, boating, and day tripping.

The flamedisk heats up quickly-no waiting. It also cools down in matter of minutes after use and leaves no mess behind. The flamedisk uses ethanol as the main fuel ingredient. Ethanol comes from corn, a renewable resource. Dispose of cool flamedisk in your trash or recycle according to local requirements for recycling aluminum. Using the flamedisk is convenient-no complicated lighting ritual or drawn-out cleanup. Whether you’ve never grilled in your life or you’re a pro looking to grill on the go, anyone can use the flamedisk in minutes. Leave the lighter fluid and charcoal at home. Made in the USA.  Get a 10-pack here.

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