Upgraded the coffee making process.

We changed our morning rituals to include a coffee press and a new grinder. It wasn’t too expensive – they have grinders in the $300-$400 range! coffeegrinderAnd apparently it is all about the grinder. I think this is ok and I’m not going to get caught in the mine is better ’cause it costs more bit.

I am going to get one for the bus also. It makes for great coffee. I don’t think I have been letting mine steep long enough. Some say 3-5 minutes and I have going about 1 minute.

In the bus we always boiled water and used the paper filter thing but this is small and maybe mo better. All the settings do seen like overkill but I guess I will try some different ones.

Thfrenchpresse coffee press is easy and it is actually fun to use. Ours barely does two cups so you have to check that out when you buy. Everything is in liters or ounces – just how big is my cup? Guess I better measure in something other than swallows.

It is a lot (!!) better than the coffee we used to make on a campfire and drink out of metal cups. Really, I did that – it was long, long ago.

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