Poop. Dog poop to be more precise.

We live in an area with a lot of dogs. Across the street. Behind our house. Next door to our house and next door to them and behind them.

We walk Presley every day as he will not poop in our small back yard. And we see a lot of poop. All sizes and all shapes. It seems that some in our area don’t feel it necessary to pick up after their dog. These are 2 of the 4 kinds of people in the world (I’ll speak to that later.), assholes and idiots.

The idiots really don’t know better. You’ve seen them out there just standing while their kids tear limbs from trees or throw gravel at one another.

The assholes on the other hand know exactly what they are doing and could give a shi . . . ahh, poop less. They are the kind who let their dog out at night knowing he will head for neighbor’s lawn and deposit a surprise gift.

We have laws and have signs and free doggie bags yet it still goes on.

But now a great idea to help with the problem.

Town mails dog poop back to owners.
Dog poop is apparently a big problem in Spain. Brunete (Spain) town’s council teaming up with ad agency McCann Erickson, launched an effort shame dog owners into picking up after their pooches. Volunteers would follow owners who watched but didn’t pick up after their dogs went to the bathroom. They then started a casual conversation to find out the name of the dog, information that allowed them to use the town database to find the owners’ home address.

‘Lost Property’
The volunteers then picked up the dog poop, tossed it in a box marked “Lost Property,” and sent it to the unsuspecting owners. Some 147 deliveries were made in one week in February. Brunete, population  10,000 people and an unknown number of dogs, says it has since seen a 70 percent drop in the number of unclaimed turds. — MSN News. http://news.msn.com/rumors/rumor-town-mails-dog-poop-back-to-owners

Apparently the problem is a big one. Last  year the town council addressed the issue by chasing owners with a remote controlled plastic pile of poop. Check this out.

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