Raju, a begging elephant in Allahabad finds freedom.

Raju's journey to freedom starts.

Raju’s journey to freedom starts.

I would like very much to have a serious chat with the ass wipe mahout* that “owned” this elephant.

Oh, I sorry. I forgot. I need to be more culturally aware and celebrate the diversity in the world around us.

The full story.

*A mahout is a person who rides an elephant. The word mahout comes from the Hindi words mahaut and mahavat, which eventually goes back to Sanskritmahamatra. Usually, a mahout starts as a boy in the ‘family profession’ when he is assigned an elephant early in its life. They remain bonded to each other throughout their lives. (Bonded -that is total BS – my thought.)

The most common tools used by mahouts are chains and the Akua (or ankus, anlius) a sharp metal hook used in the training and handling of the elephant by stabbing the elephant in the head, and in areas like the mouth and inner ear, where the animal is most sensitive.

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