Drones in the back yard. A new fact of life.

Personal drones. For sale everywhere, i.e. Walmart. Look-out, the drones are falling. And that is just what happened in my neighbor’s backyard. She saw a thing with red and blue lights on her patio and promptly tried to put the thing out its suffering with a bucket of water.Then seeing me out in the yard asked for help. “There’s some Christmas light thing here.”

I reluctantly headed for her yard and found . . . yes, a drone! About the size of my hand, red and green lights and 8 propellers – not working I think because of the water. I picked it up and headed out of her yard. The propellers came on a couple of times, hitting my thumb (Ow!) once.

When I got to the street there was a father and a daughter (Hanging way back like teens do when their parents embarrass them.) The father walked over and claimed the drone. He said they had launched it from a street a couple of blocks away. When he turned it on it went up, up, up, apparently out of range for the controller. They last saw it heading south-east and followed the route as best they could. dronefree2

That is kinda scary.How often now can I expect a drone to fall out of the sky? Can I put up a Drone-Free sign? Can drones read?

The future is here, now, and we need an easy way to bring a drone flying over our property down.

A tiny heat seeking missile? Rubber bullets? A high pressure hose? Or I could use what I really want to use – my 12 gauge shotgun.

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