When is Islam not Islam?

Jordanian First Lieutenant Moaz al-Kasasbeh represented everything that ISIL is not: he was brave, compassionate, and principled.

That a young patriot — a devout Muslim, one of eight children, just months into married life, with the hopes of his own family in front of him — would be ISIL’s latest victim reminds us all of the evil of this enemy.

The United States extends its deepest condolences to Lieutenant al-Kasasbeh’s family, King Abdullah II, the Jordanian Armed Forces, and the people of Jordan.

That he was murdered after his father’s plea for compassion reminds all the world that this foe has no agenda other than to kill and destroy, and places no value on life, including that of fellow Muslims.

— John Kerry, Secretary of State

ISIS, ISIL, IS, shitheads, fruitloops, what ever you want to call them are not doing their deeds as Muslims. This is not saying I like Muslims. I don’t. This is not saying I trust Muslims. I don’t. But I won’t blame the murder of Jordanian First Lieutenant Moaz al-Kasasbeh on Islam. I blame it on vile, ignorant, subhumans that should be killed. All of them.

I have a Qur’an, a translated and commented edition. I think everyone should have one. I have read it. I don’t like it. And I don’t like a book that opens on the wrong side. But as much as I don’t like it, I cannot find any stories of Mohammed burning someone alive.

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