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72nd Anniversary of the Battle of Iwo Jima

21,000  Imperial Japanese Soldiers Defendedthe Island

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How times change.

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How intelligence leaks are handled by the DOJ.

Executive Order 12333, as amended, requires agencies in the Intelligence Community to report possible violations of Federal law by their employees to DOJ, which includes violations of the statutes relating to the unauthorized disclosure of classified information. These crime reports … Continue reading

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The Department of State, classifications and email systems.

What is a secret document? It is a document containing national security information generated by the U.S. government and its employees and contractors, as well as information received from other governments. The desired degree of secrecy about Government information is known … Continue reading

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Randy Suber, NMMI and CCN

I attended my 50th class reunion at New Mexico Military Institute a couple of weeks ago. After a memorial ceremony for classmates Hugh Michael Staver and Monte Orr, we talked a bit about Randy Suber who is interred at NMMI. I heard lots … Continue reading

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Q: What the heck is an EIT?
A: Enhanced Interrogation Technique

No matter what you think about it, this subject is likely to come up again. Here in the attached CRS is information your Congressman receives. Not classified but not really advertised either. This report briefly summarizes what constituted EITs, provides … Continue reading

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