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Don’t call them Islamic terrorists or radical Islamics.

We need to provide jobs for would be jihadists. Oh, and we don’t use the word Islam in connection with the word terrorist or radical. It’s just not a good thing to do as you might offend someone or give … Continue reading

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When is Islam not Islam?

Jordanian First Lieutenant Moaz al-Kasasbeh represented everything that ISIL is not: he was brave, compassionate, and principled. That a young patriot — a devout Muslim, one of eight children, just months into married life, with the hopes of his own … Continue reading

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Little by little our America is being changed.

DURHAM, N.C. — Three hundred well-wishers idiots [added by me] joined more than 100 Muslims at Duke University on Friday to hear the traditional call to prayer — issuing not from someone high above the campus in the Duke Chapel bell tower, … Continue reading

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NATO Secretary General Condemns Attacks in France.

From the Nato Channel.

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News we don’t hear much about.

Thing are happening in Europe and in England that never seem to make the news here. This is a report from France. France and Great Britain are fighting this problem which is growing worse. The great social experiment where all … Continue reading

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ISIS is an ideology. War cannot defeat it.

ISIS is an ideology and war will not defeat it – A very thoughtful article by Abraham Miller. Even the most hawkish battle plan of hitting ISIS from both north and south with boots on the ground and expanding … Continue reading

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