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I am loosing sleep over North Korea’s threats.

Now North Korea is threatening us with cyber warfare. They want to hasten our ruin. You can see from all the heroes here (I am going by medal count.) they look pretty serious. I am a little concerned. The guys are … Continue reading

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Somalia to world: We need weapons and cash to fight terror. Fat chance if you ask me.

Somalia’s defense minister made an international plea to aid its struggling government, saying it cannot fight the terrorist group behind Kenya’s mall massacre without more funding and weapons from the global community. Faqi said there had been “lots of promises but no … Continue reading

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Poop. Dog poop to be more precise.

We live in an area with a lot of dogs. Across the street. Behind our house. Next door to our house and next door to them and behind them. We walk Presley every day as he will not poop in … Continue reading

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Piling it on the Chi Omega’s

The ladies of Chi Omega at Penn State have been lambasted for their picture taken at their Mexican theme party. Several websites went so far as to call them racists. Almost everyone was offended or hurt. The Mexican American Student Association … Continue reading

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The defense of the London Olympics

I think the defensive steps taken for the 2012 Olympics are just a bit over the top. Do they expect to discover a flight of stealth bombers coming over the horizon to bomb London? Or is just a good chance … Continue reading

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Blinded woman to put acid in attacker’s eyes

An eye for an eye . . . An Iranian man found guilty of using acid to blind a woman who refused to marry him now will have the same done to him as punishment

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