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Trump and the media.

They just can’t stand it. It wasn’t supposed to happen. They said so. Many times. Just a flash in the pan. He won’t last two weeks, ad naseum. From yesterdays Washington Post , July 24, 2016 • Trump is following the path … Continue reading

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Should you be able to opt out of vaccinations?

Why would you? It protects your children and others they might meet. Vaccines are safe and effective. You can look at the data and see for yourself. This is what happened when the measles vaccination became available.   We know … Continue reading

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Who is buying the oil ISIS sells?

A Newsweek investigation this month placed the average going rate for ISIS oil at $40 per barrel, reporting that oil sales are providing ISIS with around $2.5 million a day, IHS [an energy research consultancy] estimates, but at a discount … Continue reading

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