I am on my way to the pokey.

At least that is what the recorded voice said. I only got part of it because the recorded voice was talking over my recorded voice and didn’t wait for the beep.

Apparently, I need to surrender to a Federal Magistrate because a Grand Jury investigating criminal activity has found just cause. Oh, and ignoring the telephoned message will result in additional charges.

If my attorney (do normal people have one at beck and call?) or I don’t call [telephone number redacted] then the voice says it wishes me lots of luck as I am going to need it.

I think they are here . . .


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Where refugees will be resettled.

If you are within a 100 miles of these centers you can expect to see some new kids on the block. The legend is a list of NGO’s that are seeing that the refugees will be happy. This is all controlled by yet another Department of State entity, The Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration.Affiliate Sites I know. My eyes are not that good either. Please click the image for a larger version.

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Coming to America?
Surely not terrorists?

DoSlogoDid you know a citizen of France or Brussels and other EU countries can just hop on a plane and fly here? And did you know the Paris and Brussels terrorists were EU citizens?

Great, just great.


Citizens of the following countries are designated for the Visa Waiver Program program (VWP):

Andorra Hungary * Norway
Australia Iceland Portugal
Austria Ireland San Marino
Belgium Italy Singapore
Brunei Japan Slovak Republic *
Chile Latvia * Slovenia
Czech Republic * Liechtenstein Republic of Korea *
Denmark Lithuania * Spain
Estonia * Luxemburg Sweden
Finland Malta * Switzerland
France Monaco Taiwan *
Germany The Netherlands United Kingdom
Greece* New Zealand

* Nationals of the Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Republic of Korea, the Slovak Republic, Malta and Taiwan may travel without a visa for tourist and business travel of 90 days or less provided they possess a biometric passport (contains an integrated chip) AND an approved ESTA travel authorization. Please note that citizens of Turkey do require visas.

Nearly half of all the illegal aliens now living in the United States entered the country legally through a port of entry such as an airport or a border crossing point where they were subject to inspection by immigration officials, according to new estimates from the Pew Hispanic Center.

The Department of Homeland Security estimates for VWP countries, the FY 2015 Suspected In-Country overstay rate is 0.65 percent of the 20,974,390 expected departures. That works out to about 136,000 illegal aliens but they (Homeland Security) don’t really know how accurate that number is.

The following video shows what DHS knows or doesn’t know.


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Last night the internet broke

But only 1 light was on then.

But only 1 light was on then.

About 5:15 yesterday afternoon the internet broke. Comcast had something happen and we suffered. No TV. No Netflix or Amazon Prime. I couldn’t stream Prime Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, TuneIn and Alexa (The Echo), couldn’t or wouldn’t answer questions. Oh, and the doorbell broke. It wouldn’t ring and I couldn’t see who was there as I couldn’t access the camera. And, I couldn’t call Comcast since our land line really isn’t as it goes through the magic box.

They talk about this internet of things where everything will be connected but what if the internet breaks? I imagine the refrigerator wouldn’t open ’cause if you took something out it wouldn’t be able to adjust the inventory so when you went to the store to pick up your e-order you would be short something. The stove won’t turn on ’cause you can’t tell it what you want to cook so it can’t adjust the temperature and time for perfect food.

Now it’s getting dark because the “programmed for your comfort lights” don’t how bright or dim to be and the garage won’t let the car out because it didn’t get the signal you want to leave.

I think we are going to need some non-internet back up things. Like a hammer. A big hammer. And duct tape.

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sadfaceApparently when a police officer arrests a suspect he should just approach him and ask politely, “Hello.” I suspect you are a criminal. May I handcuff you?

Why are all taxi cab drivers from Pakistan?

Walking by a neighbor’s house, I observe chicken parts; well, I guess they are chicken, hanging from hooks attached to a tree. To age or dry out? Is this diversity?

Why is it when you are walking your dog some people give you dirty looks and walk around you twenty feet away? Is it because where they come from they don’t have dogs because they eat them?

On the subject of dogs, my dog has 53 tennis balls. We never bought any.

I haven’t bought any in a long time but $6.00 for a can of shoe polish?

When those we accept into our country out-number us will they be so willing to accept us?

I am pretty sure in every country I visited I leaned how to say “good morning” and “thank you.” Not so where I reside.

[Edit] Sorry. I left this out. Yesterday we were in a pizza parlor and saw the perfect American family. Two children, a girl and a boy and a mom and dad. No iPhones or iPads in sight, just what looked like pleasant conversation. I was going to say something to them but then, as they left they told the manager, “Danke.” My perfect American family was a perfect German family.

People’s minds are changed through observation and not through argument. (No not me. Will Rogers. Don’t know him? Ask Siri.)



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9-11 . . . lest we forget

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